Pinsetters’ spare parts

Sale of Pinsetters’ spare parts

Pinsetters’ machines play a key role in bowling centres for children and adults’ entertainment as well as professional players. Indeed, competitions’ success also depends on this equipment’s proper functioning.

As a consequence, to keep devices’ high-performance, it is necessary to provide for their regular and proper maintenance. At the same time, it is important to replace worn-out or faulty components to prevent any damage and malfunction. For this purpose, our company comes into play to support bowling alleys’ owners.

Indeed, our business is focused on the sale of any type of new spare parts for AMF 82 70, SWITCH, and VIA Pinsetters both in Italy and Europe. Thanks to the know-how gained over time, we support customers in the choice of the products adequately reflecting their needs.

Pinsetters’ spare parts ready for delivery

Is it the time for carrying out maintenance work on your bowling alleys’ machines? We offer the best aftermarket Pinsetters’ spare parts available on the market. These goods are produced by enterprises complying with high-quality standards.

In order to meet customers’ different needs, our warehouse is equipped with a wide range of items. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable to your bowling centre. If you need some advice, we will describe to you all the characteristics of each component. We will also show you the most suitable to your devices.

We count over 1000 new Pinsetters’ replacement parts available in stock. In this way, you will immediately find the solution to your machines’ problems. We ensure fast and safe delivery to provide an excellent service. For more information on the products on sale, welcome to contact us.

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