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Bowling spare parts’ specialists

Bowling Service’s core business is the sale of new and high-quality spare parts for Pinsetters and Ball Lifts. Our company is located in Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia. We rapidly ship bowling equipment’s replacement parts to Italy and all European countries.

The long experience we have gained in this field enables us to choose the best products for different kinds of machines, such as AMF, VIA, SABIM/LUXOR, and SWITCH. To provide an efficient service to our customers, we have over 1000 items ready for delivery. Thus, bowling alleys can quickly get the spare parts they need.

Spare parts

Our spare parts
for Pinsetters and Ball Lifts

Pinsetters’ new spare parts

We offer replacement parts for bowling lanes’ Pinsetters. Each component is studied in detail and designed with great care to ensure machines’ outstanding performance.

Ball Lifts’ new
spare parts

We provide any spare part for various models of Ball Lifts, which are essential to guarantee their proper functioning. We select those complying with high-quality standards for top results.

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